Alan Lyddiard joins Leeds Playhouse

Leeds Playhouse and The Performance Ensemble will join forces to create a pioneering community production Bus Ride, which celebrates the lives and stories of older people throughout Leeds. 

The production will form part of the Bus Pass project, which is supported this year as part of Leeds 2023.

The show will be directed by The Performance Ensemble’s Artistic Director Alan Lyddiard, and will feature live music and contemporary dance as well as exciting storytelling. The ensemble will be made up of over 60 members – a great achievement and dedication to older performance. 

Alan is not only the show’s Artistic Director – he has also been named as Associate Artist for the theatre. His role will involve developing artistic work with and for older people.  

Alan Lyddiard said: “I am very excited to be working with such a talented group of older people from all over Leeds on Bus Ride. During the last 12 weeks we have met with over 250 people, gathering stories about literal and metaphorical journeys made on buses and in life. It’s been a joy, and for a 69 year old like me, absolutely exhausting, but an absolute pleasure.”

Catch Bus Pass at The Queens Hotel on 16th September: visit for more information.

Photograph credited to Mike Pinches. 

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