One Play More Yorkshire Theatre Awards – Best Musical 2017

I was privileged to see such a staggering selection of touring musicals last year. I gave everything a go – classic musical masterpieces to brand new shows. And I loved them all (most of them). Here are my absolute favourites…

1. The Wedding Singer – joint winner

I had never seen this show before, but WOW would I rush to go and see it again! It’s got super pop songs and comedy throughout – with heartfelt duets thrown in, of course. It’s great for a lads or ladette’s night with friends, a date night, or a theatre trip with your mum. All-round awesome.

2. Nativity! The Musical – joint winner

Now this one was always going to be pretty special, as I’m such a huge fan of the film. The musical is written by the same writer as the hit Crimbo classic, so it was bound to be great. But it totally smashed my expectations with its live charm. The cast were perfect, the kids were adorable and it made my Christmas of 2017.

3. Funny Girl – runner up

I didn’t get to see Sheridan Smith last year, but I got to see Natasha Barnes knock her performance out of the park. She’s a wonderful leading lady, playing opposite the beautiful Darius Campbell (Pop Idol. Britney. We all remember him). I don’t think I’d see the musical again with a different cast, but this combo just worked perfectly.

4. Cabaret – highly commended

Louise Redknapp and Will Young were a great pair in the latest tour and provided just the perfect amount of star quality to make the show sparkle. I’d rush to see the show whoever was in the musical, but having a decent cast really did help. Bravo.

Which musicals of 2017 did you love?

If I’m being completely honest, 2017 was dominated by plays and unique productions that really stuck in my mind, but this year (2018) musicals are coming out king. Keep an eye out on One Play More to find out what’s coming up at your favourite theatre.

One thought

  1. Seen three musicals so far this year, but have one more coming up.

    First three are community college productions, but didn’t feel about community college productions: Oklahoma, Grease, and Newsies were those shows: not just students, but the community were involved as well.

    I am seeing the touring production of Lion King in two weeks.


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