One Play More Yorkshire Theatre Awards – Best Am-Dram

So it’s rare I go along to am-dram productions. I admit. I’m mainly put off by the price tag and the knowledge I can hop along to a professional production and pay only a marginal amount more to see trained, dedicated actors and dancers pour their heart, soul and career into every performance. Seeing hobbyists enjoy themselves is great, but only if I’m watching a friend in the show. That nugget of opinion aside, let’s take a look at the am-dram groups I might make an exception for…

1. Leeds Arts Centre – winner

I love this group for loads of different reasons, mainly its variety. New and existing members can take part in casual play-readings, smaller-scale Green Room performances and plenty of social occasions just to get involved. For those who aren’t keen on a strict rehearsal schedule and the pressure of performance, this is the perfect group and it’s great to see such an accommodating organisation out there. The productions they put on aren’t half bad, either.

2. Guiseley Amateur Operatic Society – runner up

There are dozens of duplicate am-dram groups in my local area, let alone in Yorkshire, but the quality of production of the GAOS sets this lot apart. It’s that simple. Plus, they have a fairly young and vibrant cohort so the shows they choose are often relevant and entertaining (Sweet Charity or Annie Get Your Gun are rare occurrences, thank goodness).

3. Ilkley Amateur Operatic Society – highly commended

This quaint theatre has a small stage but a mighty cute atmosphere. It’s a little more old fashioned than GAOS, and the talent-pool is undoubtedly a little smaller, but it’s great for a casual trip to see an old show you haven’t see before. I doubt they’ll be doing Avenue Q any time soon, but that’s all part of the charm.

Do you love amateur dramatics?

Send me a tweet (@_SophieJoelle) and let me know which groups you love to watch. Do you have a season ticket?

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