One Play More Yorkshire Theatre Award – unsung heroes

In my next awards category, I’m looking at special little venues across Yorkshire that don’t compete with the more well-known, high-profile theatres.

1. Live Arts Bistro – winner

Live Arts Bistro is a hub of creativity and a real up-and-coming arts venue in Leeds.

2. The Hub – runner up

Slung Low’s HUB is a rehearsal and performance space, with many productions available on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis. This is great as it allows those prohibited by costs to enjoy live entertainment. The shows are often a little alternative for my tastes but, if you like niche experimental theatre this is the go-to place.

3. Carriageworks Theatre – highly commended

Home to several am-dram groups and special performances, this theatre is a little bit of everything. Part community hub, part theatre, part hire space, this really is a treasure of Leeds. The big studio is great for main productions, but its smaller rooms and rehearsal areas are the formative spaces where those first experiencing theatre get a taste for it.

4. The Frazer Theatre – special mention

I had the misfortune of visiting this theatre last year and it’s stuck forever in my mind. In dire need of a refurbishment (or a bulldozer), this strange theatre is one to visit just for the experience. From its bizarre quaint entranceway to the distinct smell of cigarette smoke running throughout its corridors, I’d wholeheartedly recommend going along for curiosity’s sake.

Which hidden venues should I visit next?

Are there any superb treasures hidden across our cities and towns I haven’t seen yet? Do get in touch and let me know!

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