One Play More Yorkshire Theatre Awards – Best Venue

We’re absolutely and totally spoilt here in Yorkshire. Our theatres are beautiful, and it’s a delight to go and visit any one of them. Here are my Yorkshire favourites…

1. Bradford Alhambra – winner

Shortlisted as one of the most welcoming theatres, Bradford Alhambra holds a special place in my heart – it’s one of the first theatres I visited and it’s certainly my most-visited venue. The beautiful theatre is at the heart of Bradford, shining over the city with its luxurious entrance. The seats are super comfy and raked so it doesn’t really matter where you sit – you always get a superb view. The restaurant is lovely, but I have to dock a few points since they got rid of the jacket potato option a year or so ago – light bites are always the perfect pre-theatre treat.

2. York Theatre Royal – runner up

I’m fairly new to the York theatre scene, but this venue blows me away with its class and prestige. The foyer is really spacious (and serves awesome pre-theatre food and brownies) and, once inside the auditorium, it doesn’t really matter where you sit because its so unusually built it’s a great view from all angles. I prefer being in the dress circles for the almost panoramic view, but I’m equally happy snuggled in the stalls.

3. City Varieties – highly commended

This intimate theatre gets all its points for historical prestige. Home to The Good Old Days, thousands of famous faces have appeared on this stage. You can feel the history as you walk in – its nostalgic, old-fashioned vibe is truly unique.

Which theatres are your favourite?

With Leeds Playhouse being extensively refurbished in time for a grand opening next year, I’m sure the new venue will make Leeds extremely proud indeed. Are there any gorgeous venues I haven’t visited? Let me know!

Image credited to Tony O’Connell

One thought

  1. in Charlotte, I have been to four venues, two professional and two community college.

    Belk Theater is the main theater for touring productions: I have seen Newsies, Pippin, Sound of Music, Rent, and Mamma Mia. Well I saw two other musicals there, which I wasn’t too fond of. It is four levels high and it is where most shows end up when they tour hear.

    Ovens Auditorium: Wicked is the main musical I have seen there- 3x. It is two levels high.

    Pease Auditorium: I can’t describe this one well. I have seen Godspell here. It is one of CPCC’s venues. CPCC is short for Central Piedmont Community College. Godspell was the very first musical I saw at CPCC.

    Halton Theater: CPCC’s bigger theater. It is a gorgeous theater for a community college: after all it has two levels. Even if you sitting in row O or S or Q even you still feel like you are close to the stage so there are no bad seats in the house. I saw Les Mis (3x), Oklahoma, Grease, and Newsies at Halton. The last three I mentioned here are those I saw over the summer: CPCC really knows that they are doing when it comes to their productions.

    I have seen other theaters in the United States, but the Charlotte ones are very special since they are in my hometown. Peace Center in Greenville is gorgeous- I sat in both the orchestra (Phantom of the Opera) and way up in the balcony (Les Mis). It has an incredible sound system and is just this gorgeous venue. The Fox Theatre in St. Louis is another beautiful theatre- I saw Annie there with my grandma. So I have gotten to spend time in all of these wonderful venues over the years.

    Gardner Webb University- home to Dover Theater and Millennium Auditorium. I honestly had no idea how their shows would compare to CPCC. After all, CPCC can make their shows feel more than community college productions: they combine professionals with their students. Their venues may be smaller with much smaller lobbies and no actual box office. These venues are wonderful in their own.

    Broadway- I have been to the Gerswhin Theater in 2006, but all I remember was seeing Wicked with my mom and that “Popular” was my favorite song. Don’t really remember the venue.

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