Hidden gems coming to Bradford

It’s likely we all know what’s coming up at our major theatres across Yorkshire, but what about the smaller venues?

King’s Hall in Ilkley has a number of unmissable shows coming up, including Darkside: performing The Pink Floyd Show You Gotta Be Crazy Tour on Saturday 8th September. I have to be honest, I’m not that fussed about that one. However, I’m very interested by Susie Dent – The Secret Lives of Words on Monday 17th September. The Countdown Goddess is rapping lyrical life on stage and I can’t wait.

Chris Ramsey Live 2018 (The just happy to get out of the house tour) is another one to watch on Friday 21st September. I haven’t actually seen him live, but I’ve heard amazing things. Plus, in a smaller venue it’s likely to be more intimate with a more responsive audience.

Guess who’s coming to Ilkley? The one and only Jimmy Osmond brings his 70’s Jukebox show on stage on Tuesday 25 September. I stand by my statement that he’s an international treasure, and I really want to see him live again.

In the battle of the famous faces, Suggs What A King Cnut – A life in the realm of Madness comes to Ilkley on 23rd October. I’ve not seen him live before, which is a treat in anyone’s books, but who knows? That could change in October this year.

Bradford International Classical Concert Season 2018/19: Bradford 31st Chamber Season is showcasing a variety of talents at Bradford Cathedral, so if classical music is your thing you should check it out.

There are also a host of comedy shows hosted at The Studio, including Paul Foot’s Image Conscious tour on Friday 16th November.

The beauty of smaller theatres (disregarding the price tag) is you get shows you wouldn’t normally get chance to see. Intimate, unusual artistry and niche shows that might be right up your street. Have a nosy around your local theatres and look online for new opportunities – you never know what will surprise you.

One thought

  1. It is very easy to know what is coming on tour to Charlotte. Than there is also Central Piedmont Community College (easier to call it CPCC), where I have seen three musicals this summer (one of which was a BIG surprise): Oklahoma, Grease, and Newsies. CPCC knows how to make shows feels more than community college productions.


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