2019 is set to be impressive for Leeds Playhouse

So we already know the shows happening at Leeds Playhouse this year are going to be epic. But what about 2019?

The year kicks off with Kes, Barry Hines’ story of young Billy and his kestrel. The show runs from 25th January – 16th February and, following its sell-out run a few years ago this looks set to be amazing. Further info will no doubt reveal a unique set, puppetry and plenty of Leeds Playhouse-esque creativity.

The next production is Random from 4th-16th February. I have to say, this play from Debbie Tucker Green doesn’t look for me. It’s a one-person play, for starters, and the description is very vague. A family catastrophe acted out by one actor (however talented)? It seems perhaps a little too out there for me.

Dinner 18.55 is an intergenerational performance, happening 22nd-23rd February. Members of Leeds Playhouse’s Older People and Youth programmes explore their own similarities and differences – an interesting one!

The show I’m most looking forward to seeing is Hamlet from 1st-30th March. It’s starring Tessa Parr as Hamlet, who was absolutely incredible in her role as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet last year. This show will be expertly directed by Amy Leach, so the Shakespearean power and key themes will be beautifully modernised. I can’t wait!

Director of Creative Engagement Alexander Ferris directs Around the World in 80 Days from 9th to 28th April. It’s being billed as a family show, so it’s likely to be all kinds of madcap fun. If you can’t get along to the Playhouse, don’t worry, as it’s touring the community too.

Closing the Pop-Up season before the big reveal of the refurbished theatre is Be My Baby (11th May to 1st June), Amanda Whittington’s exploration of teenage sexual liberation in the 1960’s. If you’re a fan of The Ronnettes (I’m not, by the way, for reference. In fact, I’ve never heard of them), then this one’s for you.

So there we have it! A fascinating, powerful season of theatre yet again. Whatever your preference or personal tastes, there must be something magical hidden amongst the programme for you. Enjoy!

Visit the Leeds Playhouse website for all the information you need.

Photography credited to Anthony Robling

One thought

  1. Exciting line up. I’m going to investigate Random out of interest to find out more. Around The World… sounds like a brilliant idea for a touring family show too.


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