Titanic The Musical sets sail on tour

We all know the tragedy of the RMS Titanic, that famously hit an iceberg and slowly sank in 1912. The desperate irony of the ‘unsinkable ship’ killing 1517 people has ignited creative imagination across all art forms, including an Oscar-winning film and countless TV shows and documentaries. Now the story is coming to the stage at Bradford’s Alhambra theatre.

Maury Yeston and Peter Stone’s musical tells the tell of that unthinkable night, based on real people that were aboard the ship. The musical is set to explore the class system so ruthlessly highlighted by the historic events.

The original Broadway production won five Tony Awards, so it’s definitely expected to be emotive and powerful.

I have often wondered how such a tough topic would translate to the stage. Sure, worked for Les Mis, but will this have the same glorious effect? I’d love to hope so, but the cynic in me ponders whether it might come across a bit forced. Time will tell!

Are you interested in seeing the show from 24th-28th July? Find out more on the Bradford Theatres website.

Photograph credited to Scott Rylander

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