My thoughts on the upcoming Leeds Playhouse Pop-Up season in 2018

With an exciting ensemble cast and a challenging, intimate new venue, the latest Leeds Playhouse season is going to be an interesting one. For the rest of this year, Leeds Playhouse are treating us to a whole spectrum of fascinating shows…

First up we have Jim Cartwright’s Road, happening 5th-29th September. The series of monologues and duologues tells the story of every day working class lives. Interestingly, each performance will be audio described, another demonstration of Leeds Playhouse’s genuine dedication to inclusion. This also leads me to wonder whether the audio descriptive element will almost form part of the performance – an interesting and inventive move if so.

The Furnace Festival is coming to Leeds Playhouse in October, and a showcase of salt., Blackthorn and a series of play readings and performances will make a fulfilling and dramatic festival.

From 12th October to 3rd November, Artistic Director James Brining will be directing David Greig’s Europe. Having originally been written over 22 years ago, it will be interesting to see how the themes and characters come across to a modern day audience.

Towards the end of October (23th-27th specifically) Airplays, four 15-minute radio dramas exploring migration by Yorkshire-based writers, will be performed at Leeds College of Music and broadcast live on BBC Radio Leeds. It’s awesome to see a show being developed and performed at a different venue, showcasing a strong collaboration. This is also true of the next play, The Things We Wouldn’t Otherwise Find, on 6th to 17th November. The performance examines the role of libraries in the age of the internet search engine and is celebrating the 250th anniversary of The Leeds Library, so guess where it’s being performed!

Nick Ahad’s Partition is happening 6th-10th November, making it a somewhat annual occasion. I didn’t get chance to see the show last year, but heard great things!

Of course, it wouldn’t seem right unless Leeds Playhouse celebrated the centenary of the end of WW1. Opera North teams up with the Playhouse for Not Such Quiet Girls on 29th November to 1st December. The show’s all about female ambulance drivers in the war, and is bound to be a powerful portrayal of strong women.

Wrapping up a great 2018 is Charles Dickens’ classic, A Christmas Carol, from 20th November to 13th January. I’m super excited for this one as it’s being directed by the awesome Amy Leach and adapted by Deborah McAndrew! Two amazing women, and one amazing show. I really can’t wait for this one.

Which show are you most looking forward to? I have to say, A Christmas Carol is going to be superb. I can just feel it.

Visit the Leeds Playhouse website for more info.

Photography credited to Anthony Robling



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