Leeds Playhouse announces a new ensemble company

How exciting!

For the first time since 1998, a brand new ensemble company has been brought together by Leeds Playhouse. The ensemble will be around to help provide exceptional performance skills throughout this year’s pop-up season while the new Leeds Playhouse is getting its much desired renovation.

The company of five male and five female actors will take part in productions throughout the season. It’ll be exciting to see familiar faces and performers take to the stage and I’ll be keen to see how they vary and provide unique elements to their performances.

The ensemble company include: Tessa Parr, Robert Pickavance, Jo Mousley, Elexi Walker, Susan Twist, Joseph Alessi, Darren Kuppan, Lladel Bryant, Simona Bitmate and Dan Parr.

I’ve no doubt seen many of these actors perform before: certainly Tessa Parr and Dan Parr are on my radar having delivered exceptionally powerful performances in last year’s production of Romeo and Juliet. To secure such a high calibre of artists shows how prestigious the Leeds Playhouse has become.

Throughout the year artists from Bradford theatre company Mind the Gap, alongside other creatives and actors will also join the company. So we’ll see familiar faces but also fresh, new talent hitting the stage.

Leeds Playhouse Associate Director Amy Leach said: “It’s a dream come true to have recruited an incredible ensemble company of Northern actors who will join us for the redevelopment year – the first time the Playhouse has hosted an ensemble company since Sir Ian McKellen led one in 1998. Our ensemble are superb actors who have a rich affinity with the Playhouse, the city and the North.”

Who’s as excited as I am to see some of these thrilling new shows? Watch this space as I share my thoughts on some of these upcoming productions.

Check out the Leeds Playhouse website for all the info.


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