#12OpenMic… one month on

With hundreds of pounds raised, and hundreds of performers and audience members coming along to our 12 Hour Charity Open Mic, it’s fair to say this year’s event was a success.

With poets, singers, comedians and musicians and pretty much everything in between showing up to share their artistry, it was a fun-packed day all for a great cause. Some acts popped in for an hour or two, took our breaths away with a hilarious set or beautiful singing. Some were a powerhouse of fun. Some were… unusual. But none, I repeat, none, weren’t an absolute treat to watch.

I truly believe so many people came along and took part because of the welcoming atmosphere we create. It’s chilled out, friendly and at times a little haphazard. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. There’s something really interesting about never knowing what’s going to come up next. As I’ve said before, open mics are often pretty pigeon-holed: spoken word, musicians, a comedy showcase… there aren’t many open mic marathons that welcome everything and anyone in such an eclectic, safe space. Thanks to everyone who helped make the atmosphere so lovely.

Pictured is my mate Jack the Rapper and Adam Burnett (who also helped organise and manage the event on the day – THANK YOU!) made the show sparkle at 10pm, as always, closing the event with an incredible set. It’s always my favourite part of the event to see returning incredible acts I love so much, and to end with such power and passion is a total treat.

If you came along to this year’s events, I would love to hear your thoughts! Chat to me on Twitter @_SophieJoelle.


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