Everything’s right about The Play That Goes Wrong

The stage is set for Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society’s ambitious production of The Murder at Haversham Manor. The audience waits in nervous anticipation as the cast descend upon the stage and among the audience, causing chaos before the show even begins.

So the production starts – a show showing a show. The audience is treated to the mishaps of an am-dram production, as everything that could possibly go wrong seems to.

The cast of this show are ballsy and totally brilliant. Though, unfortunately, having seen the play on its last tour, they don’t quite meet the standards of the previous cast.

Artistic Director Henry Lewis is an absolute powerhouse of hilarity, so poor Kazeem Tosin Amore as Robert didn’t stand much of a chance to compare. He misses a lot of opportunities for laughs and underplays the part – a real shame. In fact, a lot of the cast are too downplayed – with the exception of Bobby Hirston as Max and Gabriel Paul as Trevor, who fit their parts beautifully and get the most laughs of the night. The script is right there for Jake Curran as director Chris, and all fair play to him for dealing with a fairly funny heckle – I almost expected a standing ovation mid-show for his ad-hoc banter.

The show’s premise is an absolute winner – nervous cast members who can’t remember their lines, off-stage dramas brought on-stage and disastrous set calamities lead to a riotous night out. It’s not quite the cheek-aching fun I had last time I saw the show, but it’s still got the Mischief magic.

Catch The Play That Goes Wrong at Alhambra Theatre until 23rd June 2018.

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