5 favourite musical characters – meet the girls

So we’ve already met the five musical heroes I love the most, now let’s turn our attention to the female of the species. Here are my top five leading ladies…

5. Audrey – Little Shop of Horrors

She might not be the smartest of our girls, but she’s got a heart of gold. It’s a shame she gets eaten by a plant in the end *spoiler alert*. It depends who’s playing the role, but Somewhere That’s Green is a stunning solo if done right (if done wrong, it’s just squealing in time to a piano). I think every girl can relate to wanting an ideal life, with pine sol scented air and a Seymour of our own.

4. Fanny Bryce – Funny Girl

Noone’s raining on this girl’s parade, and it’s glorious. Fanny is the girl next door, the cutie with charisma but not enough of it to be a true showgirl. Until now. We watch as she jazz-hands her way to becoming a star and wins the man of her dreams. Until he gets done good and proper for embezzlement, that is. Not to worry – Fanny’s made of strong stuff, and that’s why we love her.

3. Reno Sweeny – Anything Goes

All aboard the sex appeal boat. With belting numbers and cracking dance routines, the talent an actress has to have to play Reno is spellbinding. Think Thoroughly Modern Millie turned right up to volume ten. She’s like Queen Bey of musical theatreland, and I bow down to her. Baby, you’re the top.

2. Sandy Olsson – Grease

I’m a sucker for the strong female, and Sandy wouldn’t be making this list if it weren’t for her time to shine in her sassy leather pants and curly hair. Sure, she’s a good girl, but she’s hardly your dull quiet type. She’s assertive and awesome enough to make Danny Zuko fall madly in love with her, and never lets him get away with his bad boy bull. You go, girl.

1. Tracy Turnblad – Hairspray

What is not to love here? She might not be stereotypically beautiful, but Tracy Turnblad taught us all that it doesn’t matter what you weigh, as long as the stunning song in your heart sings loud enough. I can’t get enough of Tracy and her mum as a cute double act, too. Tracy doesn’t just stand up for herself, she stands up for her friends and for all things right and wonderful – honestly, who wouldn’t want to be her very best friend?

Which musical beauties make you want to sing showtunes all day long?

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Photograph credited to Paul Coltas

One thought

  1. My favorite musical theatre character is female: Elphaba.

    Elphaba is a girl I have loved for 12 years. I love her bravery, big-heart, strength, and determination. She is such a wonderful character in so many ways. She always stays true to herself and truly believes in equality. She can be a bit impulsive at times. Her relationship to Glinda helps makes her a better person. Those two do not let a boy get in the way of their friendship.

    Thinking of Elphaba, I also love her best friend, Glinda. I love Glinda’s humor the most. She is a very real and complex character. Her relationship to Glinda is so beautiful and very powerful. They help change each other for the better.

    Eponine- only loved her for 5 years. Love her bravery, strength, and loyalty. Although he may not love her, she stays by his side. She is willing to risk her life for him. He is all she has in life, but the love she has for him is her greatest strength. Even though she has a tragic end, her fate is beautiful and touching in so many ways.

    Annie- I have loved her since I was a child. I was always optimistic even as a child. I think that is why I loved her a kid and even today. She just means a lot to me since I loved her as a kid and now as young adult, she has traveled with me for so long.

    Maria from Sound of Music- just like Annie, she has been part of my life since childhood. I just love her love for the children. She helps bring happiness to the lives of these children. She brings music into their lives along with love.

    There are other females that could fit on this list. But those are some of my favorite female musical characters.


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