Experimental show at York Theatre Royal Studio, anyone?

Instructions for Border Crossing explores the question: how far is it necessary to go in order to make a difference?

The show combines experimental storytelling with a highly-activated audience which, if I’m being honest, sounds like my idea of absolute hell. Two volunteers discuss their fears over a game of jenga… meaning two poor souls will have to stand up in front of everyone and make a pressured decision.

Another volunteer provides the lighting for the next scene, a third produces the sound with an effects microphone and a fan. The entire audience voices a hostile border guard and an individual stands up in defiance of authority. Please never let me be that individual. I would rather the ground swallow me up.

HOWEVER. If your entire being didn’t cringe with ‘don’t pick me, don’t pick me’, this show might just be for you.

Catch it at York Theatre Royal Studio on Wednesday 23rd May.

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