NEW PLAY ALERT: If I Should Fall

Red Bobble Theatre Company is founded by three inspring female artists
based up North… what’s not to love?

They advocate strong roles for women, and believe in sharing inspiring and inclusive stories. If that’s not enough awesome, they also tour community venues to ensure all members of society can enjoy theatre.

The company is also developing outreach work, including work with elderly people and child refugees.

So, if that’s not enough to have you running towards every show Red Bobble Theatre Company puts on, let’s talk about If I Should Fall.

The story is based on real letters from the Battle of the Somme, and the true story of a woman called Beattie as she lives through two world wars. The letters were only discovered in 2017, by none other than Beattie’s Granddaughter Charlotte O’Leary, who went on to write the inspiring play.

Catch the work-in-progress show on 21st June at Oldham Coliseum. It looks set to be a really exciting piece of theatre.

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