WORLD PREMIERE: Jonathan Lewis’ The Be All and End All at York Theatre Royal

Award-winning writer Jonathan Lewis brings his play The Be All and End All to York Theatre Royal from 4th-19th May.

A politician makes a life changing decision to give his troubled 18-year-old son the best possible start in life… but will his decision split the family apart?

The show is directed by York Theatre Royal Artistic Director Damian Cruden and stars a great cast including Imogen Stubbs and Matt Whitchurch and Jonathan Lewis himself.

The Be All and End All is part of Jonathan Lewis’ Education, Education, Education trilogy, promising to address relevant and thought-provoking topics.

Imogen Stubbs said: “We both feel very strongly about the potential damage done by homogenising education that at its worst becomes battery farming, rather than organic. I don’t remember exams dominating my life the way they dominate children’s lives now.”

The show will tour to Colchester Mercury Theatre and Windsor Theatre Royal, but don’t miss the opportunity to see the world premiere at York Theatre Royal from 4th – 19th May.

Photograph credited to Anthony Robling. 

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