New play alert! When We Were Brothers comes to Bradford

What’s When We Were Brothers about?

Freedom Studios production of Ben Tagoe’s When We Were Brothers is described as an “intimate new play which explores male friendship, masculinity, betrayal and the fragile nature of the male psyche.” Sound like your kind of thing?

The show will premiere at The Underground in Bradford from the 22 April – 5 May and will also be performed at the Octagon Theatre Bolton’s REVEAL Festival from 25 – 26 April. 

It’s interesting the play is being performed as a site-specific bar in Bradford, which should allow for an intimate and powerful performance. Ben Tagoe is a fantastic Yorkshire playwright with a strong writing background including a place on the BBC’s Writers Academy and a writing role at Coronation Street. To say he knows how to write a gripping story would be an understatement.

The play tells the story of childhood friends Danny and Tommo, who are now all grown-up and in need of each other now more than ever.

A word from the playwright, Ben Tagoe

Ben Tagoe said: “The fragile nature of masculinity is a recurring theme in a lot of my writing. However, I’ve wanted to write a play specifically about male mental health and male friendships for a long time.

Since writing the play and losing a close friend to suicide, the subject of men’s mental health seems to have been talked about more and more in the media, which is a good thing. As a writer, I’d say it’s something I probably find easier than most. However, as I’ve been writing this play, I’ve started asking myself just how comfortable I am about showing vulnerability myself. And the answer is I’m probably not as comfortable as I thought I was.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve also started to realise just how common it is for men to express fear or sadness through anger or violence. I wanted to write a story about two friends who both learn to address that in themselves, but at different times and in different ways. For one of them, it’s a matter of life or death”.

Brought to us by Freedom Studios, who produced The Mill – City of Dreams, this latest production looks set to be a thought-provoking one. Get your tickets here.

Photograph credited to Tim Smith.

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