What makes showtunes to special?

What makes a musical so beautifully special?

You can take away the dance, the production, the costumes. To be honest, you can even take away most of the script (though I do love a well written script).

I’m a sucker for the songs, because it’s a genre of music you just can’t get anywhere else. You can define rock, pop, indie, grime, rap… and musicals is the style of music I just adore. I particularly love it because every musical has a different style of music, so you’re not even limited to the Razzle Dazzle showtunes or belty operatic ballads – you can have them all in one playlist and it’s still undoubtedly musical.

The way musical songs are performed, acted and felt through the music is second-to-none. You can hear a pop singer sing a showtune and it means nothing – bring skill and musical theatre prowess to the stage and you suddenly have a melody and a set of lyrics that catches your breath and touches your heart.

Do you have a favourite musical tune? Let me know on Twitter!

Photography credited to Simon Hulme


One thought

  1. I do not even know what my favorite musical theatre song is: so many favorites.

    Musicals songs have a more emphasis on story and how it connects to the characters. It helps amplify the emotions found in the musicals. Songs add something special to a plot.


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