The Band review at Leeds Grand Theatre

The Band is a touching tale of a group of schoolgirls obsessed with ‘The Boys’ – a Take That style boy-band that captures their hearts. When tragedy strikes, the girls find themselves living totally separate lives from one another… can a boy band reunion bring them back together?

The staging of The Band is particularly striking. Clever effects such as an aeroplane taking off the stage really gives the wow factor and sets this production apart from other musicals with perhaps less innovative staging. The script might be less spectacular, so don’t walk into this production expecting much from the plot – it’s predictable, but lovely.

The young cast steal the show throughout, which is partly fantastic and partly a bit of a shame as the adult cast just don’t create the same connection with the audience. Katy Clayton as the young Heather is particularly fantastic – her presence and performance stands out, particularly for a part where both comedy and poignancy are needed.

Both the young and older cast playing the girls stole most of the time onstage, allowing not a lot of time for The Band. The boys are spectacular, and it’s a shame we didn’t get chance to see more of them. Everyone loves a Take That song, and many were cut short or squeezed in – it would have been nice to see the boys get chance to properly strut their stuff.

One of the best things about this production is the audience reaction – the audience is totally behind the story, the script and the songs and it’s this atmosphere that creates something rather special. Sitting among the cheering fans, I really did feel part of the adoring audience of The Band.

Don’t miss out on your chance to see the show right up until 31st March – visit the Leeds Grand Theatre for more information.

Review by Emily Broadwith

Photograph credited to Matt Crockett

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