Nothing fishy about Little Mermaid!

Everyone loves the story of Little Mermaid 

The Hans Christian Anderson classic fable tells the tale of a mermaid who longs to be where the people are. Mix in original live music and circus skills, the award-winning Metta Theatre’s new version looks set to be spectacular.

Described as a ‘radical feminist re-imagining’, the alternative world is a world of gender fluidity and fluctuating identities rather than a world under the sea.

While the Little Mermaid longs to rise and glimpse the world of man, the Prince longs to escape the rigidity of his world for the unknown depths beneath the waves.

Singing and circus skills

If the plot doesn’t sound your kind of thing, the stunning displays of acrobatics, cyr wheel, juggling and aerial circus is perfectly blended with new writing and physical theatre to create a powerful and visual story.

Rosalind Ford, Rosie Rowlands, Tilly Lee Kronick and Matt Knight play the starring roles, while Candida Caldicot provides the vocals.

If I’m being 100% honest, a ‘politically provocative’ show seems like hard work to me. However, the circus skills are right up my street as this is something I haven’t seen before. Bring it on!

Catch Little Mermaid at York Theatre Royal from 4th-7th April.

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