Interview with Jack The Rapper

Jack The Rapper – a legend, and an inspiration

If you haven’t seen him live, get yourself down to Brooklyn, Leeds, from 11am-11pm on 28th May 2018. Jack will be performing a headline slot to close the show 10pm-11pm. What started out as a set to treat myself a few years ago has become an absolute essential, and staple tradition of our open mic and Jack the Rapper is integral to the success of the event. He’s amazing, and one of the loveliest people on the planet. If that isn’t a good enough reason to put the 12 Hour Charity Open Mic in your diary, I don’t know what will tempt you.

How long have you been performing? What was your first ever gig like?

I’ve been performing as Jack The Rapper since early 2013, the first gig was my EP launch for Costanza with my mate Nick Drinkwater who co-produced the project. I was bricking it, so I got drunk and did most of the show with my back to the crowd!

What song are you most proud to have written and why?

I have two. Name Down because it was my first song to make it onto national radio (BBC Radio 1Xtra), and Airbag, because it was the first time I really opened up about my anxiety regarding my career and social situations and all that. It’s deep. I don’t really talk to people about that sort if stuff, so it made it a bit easier to just do a song about it and stick it out there for anyone who’s listening

Can you tell us your favourite lyric of all time and why?

I really can’t. I’m an absolute lyric fiend. I have way too many. I’ll just pluck one out of the bunch, and I’ll probably regret not saying a different one later…
MF DOOM – “What up, to all rappers, “Shut up with your shuttin’ up, and keep your shirt on, at least a button up””

How would you describe your music and performance style?

Very rhyme-ie. I try to make music that entertains me first. If what I’m writing doesn’t make me laugh, or make me think “wow, I’m actually pretty clever”, then it’s not coming out.
Performance wise, it swings from overly energetic and cracking wise with the audience to random bursts of realisation and complete and utter panic. It’s a beautiful cocktail of emotions. But you’re going to have a good show with me either way, whatever happens you’ll leave with a story to tell.

What’s coming up in 2018 for you?

A new EP which is almost finished. Another new EP in the second half of the year if I pull my finger out. More music videos, my radio show which I started a few months ago on WFM in Manchester, I’m filling ALL my time up. And more shows of course! So please come to one if you see it advertised.

Jack, you are my 12 out of 9.

Come along to the Leeds 12 Hour Charity Open Mic at Brooklyn Bar, Leeds, on 28th May to see Jack perform. Fancy getting up on stage yourself? Course you do – simply visit the Facebook event page for all the info.

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