Interview with Cabaret Chris

Confession – I have only seen Cabaret Chris perform once. But once is never enough.

He’s energetic, fun and actually a little bit spellbinding. If you can watch him without a smile, we can’t be friends. Good news, everyone, Cabaret Chris is comparing an hour at our 12 Hour Charity Open Mic on 28th May. More good news? Here’s my chat with him…

What’s your favourite thing about performing?

Entertaining people, seeing them sing along to my lyrics (and my versions of other people’s songs). Oh, and sticking my crotch in people’s unsuspecting faces!

How would you describe your act?

Poetic pumping power pop performed with passion.

Do you have any performers / artists you particularly admire?

My influences as a performer / writer are Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Soft Cell, Morrissey, Pulp, ABC, Beautiful South. Oh, and Andrew Ridgeley from ‘Wham!’ (he’s my main influence as a guitarist…)

Leeds has a great community of creatives. What open mic nights do you like best?

‘Tower of Song’ at the Fox & Newt (originals only – not full of young lads playing Bob Dylan covers on acoustic guitar!), ‘Mos Eisley Cantina’ at The Chemic (great atmosphere and I compere there regularly). I used to love Lyrically Justified / Seize The Mic at Carpe Diem (before it closed) – that was just brilliant & such a great place to be!

Can you tell us one quote / piece of advice to live by?

I think the words of legendary US comedian Lenny Bruce probably fit the bill perfectly for me – “There is no what ‘should be’. There is only ‘what is’.”

See Cabaret Chris for yourself

Come along to our Leeds 12 Hour Charity Open Mic on 28th May 11am-11pm. Yes, it’s a Monday, but it’s a bank holiday Monday so you have the whole day to enjoy twelve hours of joyous local performers.

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