Desk disco – the musical moves you need to know

We all love a good sing-song, and we all love easy-to-follow musical moves… right?

No fear, I’m here to help. If you’re sitting at your desk (preferably working from home, unless you want to attract particularly suspicious looks from the folk in your office) or in your car, you can’t go OTT with your musical moves. However, with these tunes you can shake it without going tipping the balance…

Greased Lightning: Grease

Head bobs, hand waves, and a good old foot-tap. This energetic dance routine can be slimmed down to desk-sized dance moves. Perfection.

Song of The King: Joseph

So the Pharaoh’s song is rocking the Elvis vibe. Best of all, it’s infectious so you can really rock your doo-wop vibes.

Super Trouper: Mamma Mia!

If you don’t know the moves for this one, I recommend you do your homework. Get your power stance perfected!

Thriller: Thriller Live

This is totally a cheat, but I’m sticking with it. Because who doesn’t love dancing to Jacko? Best of all, you can be working away through most of the verse and burst into the classic Thriller hand movements for the chorus only, maximising your dance prowess.

Do you have any favourite musical moves?

Get in touch on Twitter or Facebook and share them with me. Videos and photographs most appreciated.

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