Celebrate new writing – ‘Liberate’ by Laura Mead

As anyone will know, taking on a creative project is a mammoth task. Laura Mead, writer of new play Liberate will know this challenge all too well! Her hard work’s paying off when Liberate runs from 15th-17th March at 9pm at the White Bear Theatre in Kennington. Okay, so it’s not in Yorkshire, but it looks like too much of an interesting play for One Play More not to celebrate!

The play tells the story of two girls as they get ready for a night out. They subconsciously play games with one another, testing the boundaries of acceptability, until a shocking revalation changes everything. Audience members will leave wondering what is ‘acceptable’ and ‘unacceptable’ in life today.

In a society which conditions it’s members to think a certain way, how far would you go to change somebody’s perspective? How far would you go to feel truly liberated?

It certainly sounds like an interesting piece of theatre – I just wish I could go along to see it!

If it sounds like your cuppa, visit here for more information.

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