Ghostly vibes as Turn of the Screw comes to West Yorkshire Playhouse

Tim Luscombe ‘s new adaptation of the classic ghostly tale The Turn of the Screw will be hitting Leeds from 20th-24th March at West Yorkshire Playhouse.

Starring a great cast, including Doctors and EastEnders star Carli Norris, this psychological drama is set to give audiences a spooky scare. It’s based on a 1898 novella by Henry James – a true classic and an inspiration for the likes of Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black.

This latest theatre production is produced by Dermot McLaughlin Productions with The Mercury Theatre Colchester and Wolverhampton Grand Theatre and directed by the brilliant Daniel Buckroyd.

If I’m honest, the fact the show’s recommended for people aged 14 and over makes me a little apprehensive, as I class myself firmly as a giant scaredy-cat. Having said that, if The Woman in Black 2016 is anything to go by, this latest West Yorkshire Playhouse production will be great… if very, very creepy.

Grab your tickets by visiting

Photograph courtesy of West Yorkshire Playhouse

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