Showtunes for snow days

Top showtunes to help you survive a snow day

So we’re all tucked up cosy and warm when the snow hits, preferably with a hot chocolate in hand. Many of us are working from home (like myself), some are just taking the day off to make snowmen and others are adventurously trying to dig their car out of the drive. Wherever you are, and whatever kind of snow day you’re having, here are the top 5 showtunes to get you through…

Sparkle & Shine: Nativity, The Musical

You know it. It’s sparkly, it’s shiny, and it’s the snow day theme tune you simply have to have on your playlist. Imagine that Christmas is coming, you’re in the festive spirit and you just have to get through a teensy few more hours of work before mulled wine and movies.

Sweet Transvestite: The Rocky Horror Show

Okay, ‘unusual choice’ I hear you cry. IS IT? Brad and Janet are two stranded travellers who stumble upon a creepy old mansion… cue Dr. Frank N. Furter and his gloriously strange showtunes. When we’re all snowed in, imagine if you were snowed out and stumbled upon the Rocky Horror Show mansion? Eek!

You Can’t Stop The Beat: Hairspray

Whether you’re trying to set up your remote access, struggling to get your car to start or just want a bit of snow day motivation, nothing says ‘you can do this’ more than this classic track.

Our Last Summer: Mamma Mia!

Because everyone needs a bit of irony in their playlist. ‘Nuff said.

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman: Frozen

So Frozen isn’t actually technically a stage show (yet…) but this song definitely counts as part of my snow day playlist. The answer is always ‘yes’, by the way.

What are your favourite snow day showtunes?

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