Talent shines in Chapter 1: Liv

Independent productions allow up and coming talent to shine through, and Chapter 1: Liv looks set on the path to success.

Written and directed by Dominic Stephenson, this short film follows main character Liv as she wakes up nearly three weeks after a serious car accident… when she tries to piece together what happened, are some things best left forgotten?

Corrie fans will notice Brooke Vincent and Sally Ann Matthews as the stars of this production, with Simon Naylor, Chloe Bodkin, Peter Stone, Adam Blease, Dan Cunningham, Chloe Ephraim and Rachel Wilde making up the rest of the cast.

Writer and director Dom, who is originally from Huddersfield, studied film production technology at Staffordshire University and is now working for ITV. One other thing – he’s my cousin, and I’m super, super proud of him! I’ve known Dom since I was a little kid and seeing my family on the way to stardom is a surreal but super cool experience. I keep seeing his lovely face pop up in news articles and thinking ‘I’m related to you!’

The final edit of the film was shown at a special screening event in Manchester lasrt month, but Chapter 1: Liv will now be submitted to international film festivals over the next 12 months before being made available online in 2019. Watch this space and follow @chapter1livfilm for details.

Photography credited to Matt Bester

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