Spoiler Alert – Ed Byrne is seriously good

Comedian Ed Byrne gives a great performance at Leeds City Varieties

Surprisingly, comedian Ed Byrne wasn’t at all the kind of comedian I expected. Sure, I expected him to be funny and witty, but I didn’t expect his warmth to fill the City Varieties. The atmosphere he creates is one of respect and solidarity – we nod and laugh at his dry observations on how spoilt the human race is becoming.

He interacts with the audience a little, but doesn’t make this a feature of the show, which I personally prefer. Byrne is physically vibrant, too, moving across the stage and providing us with visual comedy without bouncing around aimlessly (a trick I’ve seen a few too many times amongst comedians).

His material is clearly expertly well rehearsed – so much so, it’s hard to tell when his script goes off on a tangent. He’s comedy’s safe pair of hands – providing an evening of true, genuine, well-deserved laughter for his performance.

It’s clear Byrne loves the stage, and he belongs there.

His show covers a wide range of topics, all linked to Byrne’s frustration with how spoilt we are. Has he raised his children to become spoilt? Plus, does it really matter at the end of the day? We leave laughing at ourselves, pinpointing small characteristics of our own throughout the stories he tells of his travels.

I’ve wanted to see Ed Byrne live for a few years now, and I’ll definitely be returning to see his future shows.

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Catch Ed Byrne at Leeds City Varieties on 22nd February, or on tour throughout the UK.

Photograph credited to Roslyn Gaunt

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