#MakeThatChange with Imagine If Theatre Company

Forward-thinking theatre company, Imagine If, have launched its exciting new project #MakeThatChange.

The project, made possible through funding from the #iwill Fund, Leeds Inspired and the The High Sheriff of West Yorkshire Fund, offers free sessions for young people to help them develop skills in the arts and create a performance piece centring around topics of abuse. This won’t be a forced script: the young people taking part will decide which artistic direction the project will go in.

The sessions will focus on various areas, from drama right through to spoken word, with every workshop led by industry professionals such as film director Rad Miller. Whilst each and every session will aid artistic development, the group will work towards creating a final project that will be showcased at a special live event in April.

How can the arts be used for social change?

Those involved in the #MakeThatChange project will discover just that. It really is a unique and special project for young people to be part of.

Know a young performer or creative aged 15-20? #MakeThatChange workshops are held ever second Wednesday 6-9pm at Park Lane Campus, Leeds City College. Find out more by checking out the Imagine If blog!

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