Jimmy Osmond review – an international treasure

Part of the infamous Osmonds clan, Jimmy’s incredible life story is one of adoration, fame and show business.

However, I’ve never seen a more down to earth, genuine man and his joy and enthusiasm for life shines from the stage. I’m truly grateful to have seen him perform live as part of his UK tour.

Not only does Jimmy sing and perform beautifully, he shares personal anecdotes and secrets of showbiz throughout the show. It makes for a really intimate, lovely show that centres around staying true to yourself and bringing joy to people’s lives. It seems to be a moral Jimmy’s lifelong friend, Andy Williams, stood by, too. Jimmy tells many stories of Andy’s warm, genuine personality and his dedication to his art.

Andy Williams is a well-known musical icon. The audience is treated to a range of Williams’ most famous songs, as well as a variety of other tunes to mix things up a little. Despite the show having potential to seem incongruous, it really works and each of the songs flow together.

Jimmy doesn’t perform alone throughout – he is joined by the beautiful Emily Penny and Charlie Green (the super cute singer from BGT who’s grown up to be a stunning performer). Whilst both Emily and Charlie are undoubtedly born for the stage, their real star quality is in their glowing personas. They both perform – they don’t just sing – and my goodness what magical performers they are.

I didn’t expect to enjoy this show as immensely as I did. Sure, it was always going to be nostalgic and sweet, but the caliber of performance and showmanship raised the roof. Huge well done to all involved.

Catch the Moon River & Me show on tour across the UK.

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